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Dr. Mehta is a radiologist with subspecialty training in musculoskeletal and breast imaging.  She is also an international keynote speaker, a writer, and a physician advocate who focuses on issues related to life in medicine and the changing healthcare landscape.  Her missions include addressing the physician burnout epidemic through physician empowerment and cultural change in medicine, as well as increasing business and financial literacy amongst physicians in order to promote career longevity and career satisfaction.  She is a strong proponent of creating physician communities to achieve these goals.

She is the founder of the Facebook group, Physician Side Gigs, which consists of almost 80,000 verified physicians, an online community that aims to bring physicians together to discuss and promote business and financial skills and encourage physicians to think outside of the box to create the life in medicine that they want.  More about this group can be found here.

She is also the founder of the online physician community, Physician Community, which consists of almost 50,000 verified physicians.

Her work has been featured in numerous outlets, including Forbes, CNN, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, PBS NewsHour, Doximity,, MedPageToday, the Radiology Business Journal, and Medical Economics.  She has spoken at various academic institutions, healthcare organizations, CME conferences, industry and society meetings, and women physician groups (see her portfolio for more details). She is also a member of the Physician Speaking speakers' bureau by KevinMD,  and sits on the advisory board of the Radiology Business Journal.  She was also named as the #2 Voice in Healthcare for LinkedIn in 2020.

Dr. Mehta was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and received her undergraduate degree in neuroscience at Brown University and her medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Mehta then did her radiology residency at NYU followed by specialized fellowship training at the UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was also on faculty.  She now lives and works in Charlotte, NC with her husband, who is a plastic surgeon, and her two sons.

Topics Dr. Mehta's work has focused on:

  • Work-life Balance as a Physician
  • Women in Medicine
  • Physician Burnout/Physician Wellness
  • Physician Communities and Networking
  • The Physician Public Relations Problem
  • Medical Education and Physician Debt
  • Physician Finance
  • Changing Healthcare Landscape
  • Dual-Physician Relationships/Families
  • Physician Entrepreneurship 

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"Having a job that aligns with your professional interests, while allowing you to live the life you want outside of medicine, is priceless."

- Nisha Mehta, MD, Interview with Doximity, 11/23/2016